5 Things You Need To Know About Warehouse And Factory Lighting

Here we discuss five things that you need to know about warehouse and factory lighting.

1.    Bigger space – High Bay Lighting

Warehouses and factories are never small spaces. As the area increases, the need for brighter lighting is necessary. High bay lighting can be an effective solution that is both powerful yet cost-efficient.

High bay lighting usually are lights that are hung from the ceiling using chains, hooks or pendants. The vast area should have lighting that covers most of the vertical as well as horizontal space. This requires powerful lighting.

2.    Choosing a proper lighting system

Three commonly used lightings are High-intensity discharge (HID) lights, fluorescent lights, and LED lights. Each has got its pros and cons:

HID lights

They are bulbs with ionised gas which could be sodium, mercury or metal halide. They are more energy-efficient than usual halogen bulbs, but even the best quality ones cannot emit the most powerful light.

Fluorescent lights

All in all, these are better than HID lights. It uses mercury vapours to produce UV light and glows. But they do not work efficiently in colder and hotter areas. They have short lives.

LED lights

The best of the three is LED lights. They are the most energy-efficient lights and have a wide range of designs for us to explore. Its life expectancy is more significant than any other lighting. They can work at any temperature, and they do not emit much heat.

3.    Brightness as per warehouse colour

While selecting white lights, think of the colour of the ceiling and walls. If you have white or bright walls, then having white light is going to be too much of a headache. But if you have dull colours like grey, then you should think of white light.

4.    Colour temperature

If the colour temperature of a bulb is between 2000K and 3000K, then they are warm. The colour of the light will be between orange and yellow-white.

If the temperature is between 3100K and 4500K, then it is cold or bright with blue tint light. Above 4500K is like daylight with blue-white light.

5.    Proper spacing and optics matter

Optics help in shaping and directing the LED light to focus on the right area. Accordingly, the lights should be placed to have uniform lighting all over the area.

Good colours help us to work fast and efficiently. For that, we need a brighter workplace environment.

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