6 Most Common Electrical Problems in The Office

Electrical complications are the worst and can lead to life-threatening situations. Being aware by regularly patrolling our electrical appliances and wire circuits is the best way to avoid that.

A workplace should be a safe zone, which is it should be free from any hazards to attain maximum productivity. To keep an eye on the electrical frame of your environment, you need to be aware of the frequently occurring severe electrical problems.

Common Electrical Problems In the Office


Sometimes your office may have appliances made for higher power fixtures than what your office can handle. This problem can cause massive levels of risk as the wires or insulation might melt due to high watt usage that will, in turn, cause sparks, fire, and electrocution. To dodge such events, use a fitting within the wattage limits of your workplace.

Faulty Switches and Flickering Lights

These issues might seem unproblematic in the beginning, but this only happens when there is defective wiring. This can happen due to wind or house rodents moving the wiring, leading to sparks and fire. Therefore, instantly call an electrician!

Temporary Power Cut Due to Tripping Circuit Breakers

Tripping is actually a good sign, which means your office is safe. But it only happens if some of your appliances consume more power that could cause damage. So, have a proper check and replace it.

Backstabbed Wiring

Backstabbing occurs when a wire presses into a connector that catches the wire within the device rather than using screw terminals to connect it to outlets and switches. We cannot call it a red alert – a problem can only occur if a wire does not find its place appropriately. Thus, ask the experts to take a quick look and let them screw it properly.

Deteriorated or Aluminium Wiring

Copper has a tendency to rust. And, rust is not a good conductor of electricity. It can cause switches not to work or lights to flicker.

Aluminium is cheaper than copper, but it is also highly flammable when in contact with copper. Hence, it is considered unsafe. An alternative, in the case of light fixtures, is to retrofit a dielectric wire nut for an aluminium wire to copper connection. This aids in preventing corrosion caused by the grease in the nuts.

Surges in Electricity

It can happen as a result of faulty wiring in the house, thunderstorms, malfunctioning appliances, or broken power lines. Surges are prevalent and last for milliseconds, but they cause gear damage and reduce equipment lifespan if they occur frequently.


These are some electrical problems that are experienced very often in an office. It is advised to stay away from sites of electrical mishaps. Call trusted and skilled electricians like here at R. A. Pearson Electrical. Get started today!



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