Electrical Inspection

Do You Need to Get an Electrical Inspection?

An electrical review and inspection ensures that the wiring and other electrical installations are in good working condition as per industry standards and do not pose a danger. Depending on the structure of the space, and the risks related to electrical hardware, the frequency of quality checks and testing can differ. A detailed electrical inspection may entail the following:

  • Determining any electrical risks
  • Inspecting for permanent and possible exposed and outdated wiring
  • Checking and testing safety switches
  • Examining the power box
  • Testing lighting and power points
  • Assessing the electrical service standard
  • Reviewing whether any DIY wiring is included
  • Recognising the placement of smoke detectors and testing them
  • Checking for any electrical products that do not comply with approved regulations and guidelines of the government.

Of course, the most crucial aspect for an electrical inspection, among other factors, is safety. Certainly, it is essential to have a comprehensive electrical inspection as it is challenging to know if there is a fault until it causes an accident.

  1. R.A. Pearson Electricals provides both residential and commercial electrical inspections with personalised service and attention to detail. An Australian company, we are dedicated to completing electrical work, ranging from small maintenance requests to large-scale commercial projects. Moreover, we specialise in rewiring and maintenance work installations.

Residential Electrical Inspections

Our team conducts complete residential electrical inspections and picks out any risk conditions that can threaten a residential building’s occupants’ safety. Thus, we help you to understand the necessary steps to be taken with an in-depth assessment. Further, this information focuses on the residents’ specific electrical instructions and can help decide future planning techniques.

We provide the following services in the electrical inspection spectrum:

  • GFCI’s in proper locations
  • Inspections of circuit breakers
  • Any risks associated with grounding and other wirings
  • Outdated cables and wiring connections
  • Unsafe and unstable visible wiring due to poor work technique

Commercial Electrical Inspections

In addition to the housing wirework, our leading team carries out comprehensive electrical inspections to ensure all installations are in line with industry standards. Indeed, our team of electricians has extensive understanding and broad knowledge of the industry. That is to say, we make sure that we help your business with electrical installations, upgrades, inspection, and compliance. The services we offer are as under:

  • Electrical upgrades
  • Electrical safety, security, and regulation
  • Speciality lighting appliances and fixtures
  • Electricity savings and inspections

With years of experience, we are proud to have the qualifications and experience to conduct electrical inspections. Regular testing and inspection are very crucial as a delayed audit can result in some serious adverse consequences.

Thus, our knowledgeable team at R.A.Pearson Electrical takes care of the electrical power systems and provides maintenance with the most outstanding service quality in liaising with the clientele. Contact us today for more information about our services and how to get started.



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