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Welcome to R. A. Pearson Electrical, the leading provider of services for maintenance requests, from the smallest to the largest, will be covered by an experienced electrician in Black Rock. This a proudly Australian owned and operated business specialised in providing all types of electric solutions to commercial and residential installations of any size as we have worked with large corporations, small businesses and even residential facilities. The broad range of services offered by the expert electrician in Black Rock you will find at R. A. Pearson Electrical cover all areas, from installation to rewires, including required maintenance and monitoring to ensure all solutions keep working as expected.  

For those times when a skillful electrician in Black Rock is needed you can count on R. A. Pearson Electrical to provide you with the service quality you need. We have offered top notch services for over 10 years and have set up to tackle every challenge related to electrical installationsmaintenance protocols and repairs. At R. A. Pearson Electrical  you will only find dedicated experts from whom you can only expect a higher level of commitment, strong work ethic and a lot of responsibility in every task completed. We take pride in offering personalised options suited to every specific need your business or residential installation is going through as we know every situation is different and requires a specialised approach.  

We continually strive to deliver unmatched quality and first-class customer service, which means you will always find a professional electrician in Black Rock who is ready to complete any task needed in line with current industry and safety standardsSpeak to us now if you need more information about our services or to schedule a visit from a qualified expert that is part of our team. Our electricians are available to handle any tasks that require the expertise of our professionals. Discover the R. A. Pearson difference for yourself today!  



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