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Welcome to R. A. Pearson Electrical , the leading providers of electrical solutions. With an unmatched commitment to helping all clients that are looking for an electrician in Glen Iris at great rates, we have become the trusted choice for all things electrical across commercial and residential applications. We are an experienced and well-reputed business committed to catering to each clients’ specific needs and finding the most suitable way to ensure the expected results are achieved. This includes having an expert electrician in Glen Iris ready to assist you in any task related to electrical installations, repairs and maintenance 

Being an Australian owned and operated business that has offered expert services for over 10 years have allowed us to develop strategies adaptable for any type of service required. Here at R. A. Pearson Electrical, our highly skilled electrician in Glen Iris can adapt to your requirements and complete a large project or if you only have in mind a small task, as we have worked with different businesses and building managers in projects of all size so you can have peace of mind knowing will find the right framework to achieve results you expect. With important values such as efficiency, responsibility and dedication always present in our duties, we have turned into the best service providers in the area for business owners and building managers who need to keep their electrical installations working in optimal conditions.  

We are R. A. Pearson Electrical, the right place to find experts in electrical installations and maintenance. Contact us now if you want more detailed information about our services.  



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