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  1. R. A. Pearson Electrical  is theleading option when you are looking for an expert residential and commercial electrician. With over a decade of experience offering premium electrical installations and maintenance services, we have found the best strategies to tackle any compromising situation you may be facing related to your electrical system at home or in your business. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated company that has always put the needs of our customers before anything else, ensuring their peace of mind is more than guaranteed with our experts residential and commercial electricians behind the wheel in this process of improving your electric installations.  

When you need a specialist residential and commercial electrician to carry out an installation, revision or maintenance work to your electrical system, no matter if it is a residential building or a business facility, you can count on the expertise and skillfulness of our well-reputed professionals at R. A. Pearson Electrical . We have earned our reputation as the leading locally owned business providing a deluxe service that keeps our clients satisfied whenever a residential and commercial electrician is required. Throughout the years we have provided our services to a wide range of different clients, always finding the right option to complete installations and maintenance protocols according to the most demanding standards used in the industry.  

Find a specialised residential and commercial electrician that is completely certified and ready to start working on your next project and help you achieve your goals. Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you need more information about our services and products, we will be ready to answer any enquiries you may want to know more about.   

If you’re looking for a certified residential and commercial electrician for your next project, please get in touch today.



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