The Trend of LED Lights And Why They Are Becoming More Popular

Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology has taken over the décor and lighting market. Both public and private structures are increasingly upgrading themselves with LED technology. To comply with green building norms, these are almost used by default in every building. Due to its variety of designs, it has become a designer’s dream. The interiors look more beautiful when you add these lights in the kitchen, wall cabinets, wardrobes or under foyer units.

The Popularity of LED Lights

Let us look at a few reasons why LEDs have become so popular:

Energy Efficiency

LED lights are extremely energy efficient. This is regarded as its biggest advantage. LED bulbs use 75% less energy than halogen bulbs.

Longer Lifespan

You can use LED light bulbs for a much longer time than conventional light bulbs. You can use an incandescent bulb for almost 1,000 hours and a CFL bulb for almost 6,000 hours. On the other hand, you can use an LED light for 50,000 hours.

Cost-Effective Solution

You save a lot more money with LED lights which you might have to spend on frequent bulb changes and high electricity bills. You save this money because you don’t have to frequently change LED lights as these have a better lifespan. Moreover, your electricity bills are reduced as these consume less energy than other lighting technologies.


CFLs contain Mercury whereas LED lights do not contain any toxic materials. These are 100% recyclable. This allows us to lessen the carbon footprints and helps you to contribute to a clean and safe environment for future generations.

Wide Variety

You can buy LED lights in a wide variety of designs and colours. These are very flexible as you can control them with dimmers and timers. In addition, they are very compatible with every sort of décor theme.

Improved Safety

This is usually an overlooked advantage of LEDs. With LED lights, there is almost no forward heat produced. Further, you can use LED lights even on low voltage as they consume less power. That’s why in case something goes wrong, LEDs are a much safer option.

While the world is looking forward to reducing the carbon footprints and saving the Earth one LED light at a time, it is worthwhile to use LEDs more than any other bulb. Here at R. A. Pearson Electrical, we are big advocates of smart electricity usage and reducing energy consumption. Contact our team of qualified and certified electricians who can help you with the best electrical installation. For any sort of residential, commercial, or emergency electrical callout, the team can be at your service 24/7.



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