What Should You Do When Your Safety Switch Starts Tripping?

A safety switch is a device that cuts off the electric supply of a building if there is any fault in the electrical circuit. All of our houses are mandatorily supposed to install safety switches. But are you facing trouble with the switch tripping? Don’t know where to start once the switch trips? Welcome to your go-to guide.

Why does the switch trip?

Usually the switch trips due to temporary reasons like lightning or some nuisance tripping. In which case you can reset the switch and the power should be restored. However, if this is not the case with you, follow these instructions very carefully:

There might be several reasons as to why the switch is not resetting:

  • A faulty appliance in the circuit
  • A fault in the wiring
  • Nuisance tripping
  • Bad weather
  • Defective switches

What to do when the switch trips.

Here are some easy to apply tips and tricks when you find your switch is tripping.

      Old/damaged appliances:

Old/damaged appliances may leak electric currents in excess because of wear and tear. The safety switches will detect this. In this case, unplug the appliance and try resetting the switch. If you have no idea which appliance is problematic, try the process with each one. A little tedious, but it can help you!

      Worn out wires and insulations:

Over time the wires and insulations get worn out leading to fluctuations in current flow. The switch trips immediately when it finds this to reduce the risk of short-circuiting and burning. You should consider rewiring the building, especially if the property is old.

      Simultaneous running of electrical appliances:

Your washing machine, Television, Computer, and Grinder are all working at the same time. That means the current usage is overload. Thus, it might result in leakage of current, which in turn will be detected by the safety switch to immediately cut off the supply. You know the reason, so you now know the partial remedy! Yes, switch off a few appliances. But if it is still tripped, you must consult the electricity doctor-the electrician AKA R. A. Pearson Electrical.

      Natural Calamities:

Heavy rain and lightning are the worst of all reasons. If the lightning strikes near your property or supply unit, voltage fluctuations will occur and eventually trip the switch.

Rainwater might leak through the wiring, and this can be another cause. Either way, wait until the storm settles. Check for any water leakage near supplies and then switch it on.

      Faulty Switches:

The switches themselves might be faulty. Maybe it is some manufacturing trouble or maybe due to wear and tear. In both cases, the switches trip. One remedy – replace the switch.

Got more questions about your issue? R.A Pearson Electrical PTY LTD can assist. Contact us today on 0437 460 456 or email ryan@rapearsonelectrical.com.au to get started!



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